School-led community

development through

research and innovation

Open Schooling is...

an opportunity to realize the social impact that we envision and that is part of our mission. It is a chance to connect schools, communities, territories and to set off mutual learning processes between students, teachers and families, in order to create impact and encourage the creation of networks and relationships.

We want to impact...

as a useful resource in the creation of effective networks and connection between schools and local communities. We want to contribute to the diffusion of the open school methodology and help build economic sustainability so that it can become a replicable practice.

Our assets are

& networking

Euro-Mediterranean projects

and training

Development services for businesses and social enterprises


Salvatore Biazzo
Salvatore Biazzo

Vice president and administrative manager
Rosario Sapienza
Rosario Sapienza

President and Founding Member
Mariam Suheli Chrouda
Mariam Suheli Chrouda

Euro-Mediterranean planner