School-led community

development through

research and innovation

Open Schooling is...

quality education for every child. Education should
be tailored, based on learning pace, level of curiosity and interest of children. Open Schooling is working together to achieve a common goal, combining
the strengths and experience of partners
and co-creating together.

We want to impact...

inclusion, diversity and equity in education.
We work to open up education, breaking silos, bridging schools, universities and our local communities and by this, promoting equality.

Our assets are

Proximity to
scientific research

/exhibition development


Inclusion and diversity-based
science education programmes


Sanne van Gammeren
Sanne van Gammeren

OSHub-NL Project Manager
Maria Vicente
Maria Vicente

OSHub.Network Project Manager
Pedro Russo
Pedro Russo

OSHub.Network Coordinator

Partner Schools

Local Management Board

The OSHub Management Board consists of a group of representatives from different local stakeholder groups, – schools, families, research institutes, enterprises, industry, civil and wider society - that will be involved in all key processes and decisions of the local OSHubs.

Stichting Brede Buurtschool

Stichting Brede


Stichting Brede Buurtschool

Den Haag


Stichting Brede Buurtschool

Stichting Christelijk
Onderwijs Haaglanden


Lucas Onderwijs

Lucas Onderwijs


De Haagse Scholen

De Haagse Scholen


Challenge and Mission

Educational inequality and teacher shortage in primary schools are two of the main educational challenges in the Netherlands, being the latter a key contributor to the first one. As one would expect, this situation worsened during the Covid-19 outbreak and the period of distance learning. Het Open Leerplein, currently focusing in The Hague - an area with high social and educational demands - wants to support schools in reducing the workload of primary school teachers and increasing the educational opportunities for all students, by increasing the collaboration between primary schools and universities (students and scientific community), while at the same time promoting educational careers for university students. This contributes to SDG4.


Open Schooling Projects

open schooling

Studenten voor Educatie

The program Studenten voor Educatie, developed in collaboration with the Municipality of The Hague, Stichting Brede Buurtschool and the School Boards in the Hague, aims to support primary schools overcoming their specific needs and challenges, while reducing teacher workload and increasing the educational opportunities for students. For that, we have been developing a professional program for university students parallel to their studies (complemented by training and mentoring support), where university students are matched to primary schools based on their assets and on the school's needs. Like this, we expect students to gain relevant and meaningful social and professional experiences by contributing to our society's educational challenges.