School-led community

development through

research and innovation

Open Schooling is...

encouraging cooperation between schools and their local communities for their commitment in projects
and the development of better attitudes; developing connections between families and school by supporting projects which address actual needs expressed by youngs and families, and sharing
project documentation.

We want to impact...

the local community in order to show opportunities provided by Fab Labs, tinkering and active teaching, such as the motivation of learning and the empowerment ; to inspire local initiatives for multidisciplinary projects ; to stimulate commitment in active citizenship for public of all ages.

Our assets are



Fab Lab


and technology


Catherine Demarcq
Catherine Demarcq

Public & Mediator Manager,
OSHub Project Manager
Pierre Larvor
Pierre Larvor

Fab Facilitator, Casemate Nomade Mediator,
Assistant Project Manager

Partner Schools

Local Management Board

The OSHub Management Board consists of a group of representatives from different local stakeholder groups, – schools, families, research institutes, enterprises, industry, civil and wider society - that will be involved in all key processes and decisions of the local OSHubs.

La Machinerie

La Machinerie
- Régie de quartier


Maison pour la Science

Maison pour la Science
en Alpes Dauphiné


Centre Pilote

Centre Pilote
la main à la pâte


Education Nationale

Education Nationale


Challenge and Mission

Teachers are working a lot on project-based pedagogy because it allows them to be concrete with students facing difficulties at school. Working on a project promotes and helps students to be more implicated in their education. The OSHub - Espace de Science Ouverte project will be established at La Machinerie, in the Villeneuve neighborhood of Grenoble, and it will work in collaboration with their local stakeholders.

In particular, we want to: promote student's agency in their own school career and in the life of their school / college / high school; and to raise awareness of students to environmental and social issues such as climate change, while being part of their neighborhood life.


Open Schooling Projects

open schooling

A fresco for our new middle school building

With the objective of promoting student's agency in the life of their school, students will produce a collective fresco in their new college, as well as signage (e.g., circulation in the college, identification of the different rooms or classrooms). This project is being developed at Lucie Aubrac college (Middle school).

What ecological transition in my neighbourhood?

With the objective of raising awareness of students to societal issues while, at the same time, promoting their active agency, students are researching about potential concrete actions to put in place in the world (documentary named "Demain") and about protagonists of change and transition (ecological, social, economic) in the Grenoble area. The aim is to develop portraits and/or interviews, discover jobs, associations and then show what they found to other students in the college.

Ultimately, students will think and take part in individual or collective actions, at school or in the Village Olympique neighborhood. This project is being developed at Village Olympique college (Middle school).

open schooling

Teaching resources

In order to promote teacher’s autonomy and skills, training programs for teachers will be developped to help them create and implement new resources tools. Educational potential of the OSHub Fab Lab will be exploited through this programs. Teachers will experiment methodologies of co-creation and design-thiking and produce resources for the teacher community. We have been developping a training program of a 2 days-immersion in a Fab Lab in partnership with local national education skateholders.