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Open Schooling is...

an approach grounded in community-based participatory research practices: throughout this process, schools, local stakeholders and communities identify local relevant challenges, and transform them into relevant research and innovation projects.

We want to impact...

Department de l'Instruction Publique / Schools which struggle with science teaching because of socio-economic factors / The way of teaching science / School dropouts / Citizens' commitment to the environment / Ourselves.

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Cristina Olivotto
Cristina Olivotto

Fab Lab Manager
Kenzo Paul Julian
Kenzo Paul Julian

Fab Lab Project Manager
Patrick Condevaux
Patrick Condevaux

Onl'Fait Chief Maker

Partner Schools

Local Management Board

The OSHub Management Board consists of a group of representatives from different local stakeholder groups, – schools, families, research institutes, enterprises, industry, civil and wider society - that will be involved in all key processes and decisions of the local OSHubs.

Office cantonal de l’eau

Office cantonal de l’eau


Maison de la rivière

Maison de la rivière


Chambre de l'économie sociale et solidaire

Chambre de l'économie
sociale et solidaire


Haute Ecole du paysage

Haute Ecole du paysage,
d'ingénierie et d'architecture


Challenge and Mission

OSHub-CH is based in Geneva, integrating a canton where 60% of the population hold a foreign passport and that relies heavily on French frontaliers workers. OSHub-CH will work on this unique diversity to:
- develop inclusive educational programmes;
- raise awareness about the multidisciplinary societal challenges;
- analyse and propose improvements to interregional issues (France-Switzerland).

To achieve these goals, OSHub will focus on specific territorial challenges. Particularly, the Geneva canton is characterized by freshwater abundance - whose quality is greatly valued by citizens - and depends highly on this resource for industry, agriculture, fishing, tourism and culture. Thus, freshwater preservation requires a multi-stakeholder (from beachgoers to fishermen), multi-regional and transnational approach (France-Switzerland).


Open Schooling Projects

open schooling

Monitoring freshwater quality through DYI floating stations

Schools will develop floating stations to monitor the quality of water in rivers and in the lake Lèman. Schools and the Fab Lab Onl’fait will work closely with the association Maison de la Rivière, the engineering school HEPIA, the regional office for water management and other stakeholders to identify the scientific objectives of the mission, build and install the stations, analyse and communicate the results. Thanks to this research-type approach, students will understand the variety of profiles and competences needed to tackle such a broad issue and will understand the importance of science & technology, collaboration and communication.