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OS Together
Inspiration Sessions

24 MARCH 2021

OS Together
Inspiration Sessions #2

The impact of COVID-19 on open schooling

During the next inspiration session, we will discuss the impact of the pandemic on science education at large and on our open schooling projects in particular. The discussion will happen in a fishbowl format where some initial "fish" will get us started by sharing their experiences, following this everyone else will be invited to share their thoughts, concerns, challenges and solutions. The session will be very participatory with lots of opportunities to share in structured way. We will be hearing from:

- Ale Okada - educational researcher at the Open University and coordinator or CONNECT

- Nicole Salomon - Project Manager and Learning Experience Designer at ovos, COMnPLAY

- Matteo Merzagora - Scientific director, Groupe TRACES, SALL

- Claudia Aguirre - Head of projects, Groupe TRACES, SALL

- Erik Knain - Professor at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research, coordinator of SEAS

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04 FEBRUARY 2021

OS Together
Inspiration Sessions #1

- Welcome

- Meet & greet OS Together peers over coffee.

- Make It Open: Dee Halligan and her team at FixEd have been researching 100+ open schooling initiatives to elicit the main characteristics that define Open schooling. She will be synthesising the main results of this interesting research exercise in 10 minutes. What a challenge!

- Open Science Hub: Maria Vicente from Leiden University will be sharing OS Hubs project learnings from this first year using different case studies. She will not shy away from sharing the challenges they have faced which for sure will be very useful for all of us.

- OSOS: Pavlos Koulours, coordinator of SALL was also one of the masterminds behind the OSOS project. OSOS was one of the first Open Schooling projects the EC financed. With OSOS having just finished few months ago, he has agreed to highlight the most interesting outcomes, learnings and legacies that all OS projects can benefit from.

All presentations will last 10 minutes and be followed up by a 5 minutes Q&A.

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