School-led community

development through

research and innovation


The programs and activities of the local OSHubs are designed specifically according to their needs and capacities and have the specific objectives of developing strategies to tackle local relevant problems, increasing their visibility in the region and establishing new collaborations or strengthening existing ones.

For example, OSHub Zdikov focused on the issue of air quality, which is the main environmental problem at this location, by developing strategies with local schools to periodically monitor air pollution and to generate public discussion with the local community; OSHub Kovarska uses their expertise on producing film documentaries to boost the interest of children, teachers and their families to discover their territory through the creation of their own film documentaries; and OSHub Trebon works with local schools transforming the knowledge acquired during educational field experiences and adventures into graphically impressive layouts, which can then be used by other schools and the local community).

Although these approaches are based on the specific context of each local OSHubs, the activities are easy to replicate by other similar institutions (NGOs, schools).

The national coordinator, SCIENCE IN, on the other hand, focuses on the development of initiatives with national reach. An example of such initiatives was the production of a TV series – Koumando TV series – , together with the national Czech Television and the Czech Technical University, about how kids discover interesting everyday life topics, like public space, drought, new wilderness, landscape memory etc. The episodes were nationally broadcasted from April to June 2022, and are now on the portal of the Czech Television. Importantly, these episodes have been used to stimulate local communities’ interest about important real-life challenges, such as drought, sustainability, air pollution, public space, through scientific experiments and creative activities, which are then discussed during public meetings and school-led seminars.

Additionally, the experiments of the Koumando TV series are currently being transformed into educational programmes that will be placed at the CT-EDU, the educational portal of the Czech Television (and one of the most used educational e-portals in the country) supporting schools and extra-school education.