School-led community

development through

research and innovation


With the objective of providing schools with the support to integrate open schooling approaches in their daily-life and organisational culture, OSHub-PT works together with the school community in the following:

Continuous professional development activities, which can range from:

Long (25h) training programs for teachers and school heads on how to develop and implement open schooling projects co-creatively with students. This training program promotes a project based methodology settled on equity, inclusion and democracy, which guides educators through the following steps: tackling local challenges/opportunities, collaborating with stakeholders, sharing with the local community and evaluating the impact of the project. This training program, as well as the supporting practical manual, was developed together with teachers from the School Cluster of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo.

Short (2h to 6h) training sessions for educators and school heads about the development of projects based on youth-identified local challenges in collaboration with community partners. Follow-up sessions for teachers, individual or in group, to support them in the daily-implementation of open schooling practices.

Facilitated sessions inside the classroom

Although the focus of OSHub-PT’s approach is to support teachers increasing their knowledge and confidence to use open schooling practices in their daily-life, whenever necessary or requested, the OSHub-PT team also works directly with the teachers inside the classroom, either by aiding in the implementation of specific dynamics, following groups of students in the development of their projects, establishing specific contacts with stakeholders.

Brokerage events between the school community and stakeholders, including:

Practical workshops to promote/strengthen connections and foster collaborative work, projects and activities between teachers and external stakeholders, while at the same time creating the opportunities and conditions for the beginning of effective partnerships between the school and their communities.

Informal discussions about open schooling and democratic education approaches between educators and professionals working in the field, with the objective of creating a community of practice, while sharing real experiences, good-practices and challenges.